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Wellness Journey

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A women's beautiful Eyes are her Universal Blueprint and the Windows to her Health. The color, Pigmentations, and Structure are all the markings as it relates to Genetics, Strengths and Weaknesses of your body systems. They reveal your levels of health, any inflammation, toxicity, and degeneration in the human body. 


 What can be seen? 

     *  a person's genetic predisposition to health and disease

     *  the general state of the organs, tissues, and glands

     *  digestive and assimilation difficulties

     *  health effects of stress

     *  thought and emotional patterns, and

     *  results of Physical and Mental fatigue and/or stress

The Mind thinks it....The Emotions feel it....and The Body holds it all  

By finding the Cause of any issue: Blocks, Traumas, Cellular Memories, Trapped Emotions, Limiting Negative beliefs, Core Fears, and Inherited Patterns buried in our subconscious can limit our ability to experience a healthy, happy life.  


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There is not one Human body that is alike!  Your Customized Wellness Strategies can not be copied-Because there is only one You! 

Intensive Wellness-Coaching 


Understanding how your body lost it's balance and  harmony can be frustrating.

Let me assist you on how to handle these changes on all levels.

Acessment Benefits include:

Stress Reduction, Increased Energy, Pain Relief , and more 

.........with the use of

- Natural Remedies 

- Iridology

What Our Clients Say

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Cielle C.

Palms Springs, CA

"Women's Direction is truly a place for women of  all ages.

Being a women in my mid

50's- Dr. Tanya was able to relate to me and the changes that often come with my age; and offer sound coaching solutions !"

Dorothy M.

Cleveland , OH

"I saw Dr. Tanya in a Women's workshop in Beachwood, OH, I had a quick session with her while she was in town.  I went on to  continue treatment with her and I am so grateful that I did. "  

Alexa B.

Atlanta, GA

"My sessions with Dr. Tanya have been thru her online Clinic  of which, makes it easy for me to see her. Her unique style and passion for women's wellness is outstanding"  

“Imbalances, Disharmony and Disease in our Human Bodies, does not have to be final; 

It's the courage to seek Balance that counts.”

-Dr. Tanya