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Your Health is in your Hands.

 Your Nervous System Runs the Show, and your Body Holds it all !    By Appointment ONLY!  Call: 866-751-0801


     Women's Direction           

On-Call Wellness Check with Health Coaching and Support



            Reset Chronic Emotional and Physical Health         

issues from long standing Trauma

 Our health and wellness is our personal responsibility.  No magic pill, person, or modality can do it for you. Our bodies have the capacity to heal. Emotional stress and trauma are the root causes of most physical illness. And, my goal is to access and harness the body's natural, self-scanning and self healing ability that emphasizes the importance of present awareness in the enhanced therapeutic relationship. I can assist you in processing the issues that are looking to heal and provide you with a high quality, safe, and gentle treatment for Emotional Regulation. 


Your "Nervous System runs the show" and " The Body Holds it all." Then, the physical traumas grow into: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression and more.  Find, face and understand your body's reaction to trauma, decrease the symptoms of the trauma and repair the emotional damage that will ease the physical pain.  Don't let false thinking dictate your quality of life any longer.    

 Available Treatment:

    Assessment & Evaluation ~ Body Scans to

                measure Energy and Vitality,   

                   reduce your discomfort, and use Natural Remedies          and Balance your emotions.



 A Prescription for Natural Health

Building emotional Immunity, vitality, and
resolving long standing Energy issues and
Body discomfort.

Welcome.  For many of us women, the search for health is an elusive one.  We are so disconnected from ourselves, tired and unable to  understand our situation. We go on to work, raise a family, pay the bills, etc. We may be spending so much energy on everyday life that we don't give ourselves enough space to move through healing.  Past traumas and toxins in our environment may already be sapping us of energy. And when this happens, we eventually reach a point when the body battery just can't keep up, and at long last energy levels plummet and we enter a chronic phase of disease. Unfortunately, stories like this are not uncommon.  In fact, many women have at least one horror story in which one or more physicians ignored, misdiagnosed or brushed off troubling symptoms as stress, body soreness, depression, anxiety and hormones, or the catch-all condition " female hysteria" when it started with Chronic Fatigue or pain, and they don't treat it. We women are falling through the cracks of America's Health Care System.....and now your health is in your hands. WHERE ARE YOUR BODY BLOCKS?


      Lets Talk About It!

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Working with Dr. Tanya was a Blessing.  The skill and patience she gave helped me heal and move on with my life. 

-      Brenda T.

What a Blessing to have found her.  The time needed was never rushed.  The setting was so private and warm.

- LaShawn C.

Wonderful sessions with Dr. Tanya. I always had my questions explained so I could understand.  

-      Pat  B

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