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Wellness Journey

Begins with Us

Women are unique people with their own specific set of issues, emotional needs, health history, and life experiences.   

The BENEFITS include: Stress Reduction, Releasing 

Blockages, Increasing your Energy, Pain Relief and MORE !  This is all done from the comfort of your home, by phone or face-to-face in my on-line Clinic. And, it will be a short time before you are feeling better. All done by appointment ONLY !

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One on One

Consulting Sessions

There is not one Human body that is alike!  Your Customized Wellness Strategies can not be copied-Because there is only one You! 

Intensive Wellness-Coaching 


Understanding how your body lost it's balance and  harmony can be frustrating.

Let me assist you on how to handle these changes on all levels.

Acessment Benefits include:

Stress Reduction, Increased Energy, Pain Relief , and more 

.........with the use of

- Natural Remedies 

- Iridology

What Our Clients Say

Cielle C.

Palms Springs, CA

"Women's Direction is truly a place for women of  all ages.

Being a women in my mid

50's- Dr. Tanya was able to relate to me and the changes that often come with my age; and offer sound coaching solutions !"

Dorothy M.

Cleveland , OH

"I saw Dr. Tanya in a Women's workshop in Beachwood, OH, I had a quick session with her while she was in town.  I went on to  continue treatment with her and I am so grateful that I did. "  

Alexa B.

Atlanta, GA

"My sessions with Dr. Tanya have been thru her online Clinic  of which, makes it easy for me to see her. Her unique style and passion for women's wellness is outstanding"  

“Imbalances, Disharmony and Dis-ease in our Human Bodies, does not have to be final; 

It's the courage to seek Balance that counts.”

-Dr. Tanya

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