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 Women's Direction  

    A Women's Herbalist and

   Functional Medicine

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During the last time you saw your doctor you were diagnosed with an issue of an Emotional, Mental, or Physical aspect. The doctor may have prescribed  medication and given some advice at that time.  These Pharmaceuticals were given for a specific disease or symptom.  Herbs are used a bit differently.  Herbs support the body in the work to maintain balance.  My goal is to provide you with high quality, safe, and gentle therapies to clean, drain, and heal, as well as Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations that help bring your body, mind, and spirt back into balance to facilitate and wellness.

 Available Treatment:

                 * Assessment & Evaluation - Whole Body & Psychological Therapy          using Natural Remedies for your

      Mental, Emotional, and Physical needs.

Women's Direction is here.

On-Call by Appointment ONLY!

Acute or Chronic issues discussed and    formulated just for you.

Your Health is in your hands!

 A Prescription for Natural Health

Building emotional Immunity, vitality, and
resolving long standing issues.

Welcome.  For many of us women, the search for health is an elusive one.  We are so disconnected and unable to spend time with our personal doctors to understand our physical medical conditions, or mental and emotional situations.   Unfortunately, stories like this are not uncommon.  In fact, many women have at least one horror story in which one or more physicians ignored, misdiagnosed or brushed off troubling symptoms as stress, depression, anxiety, hormones, or the catch-all condition "female hysteria." We women are falling through the cracks of America's Health Care System.....and now your health is in your hands.   

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Working with Dr. Tanya was a Blessing.  The skill and patience she gave helped me heal and move on with my life. 

-      Brenda T.

What a Blessing to have found her.  The time needed was never rushed.  The setting was so private and warm.

- LaShawn C.

Wonderful sessions with Dr. Tanya. I always had my questions explained so I could understand.  

-      Pat  B

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