Hello!...I am Dr. Tanya, Founder and CEO of  Women's Direction. I am an independent Certified Health and Wellness Coach, So, as a private professional, I work with women who are struggling to move forward. Many women are turning to a Narrative Health Coach to help them with their reality. I help my clients to link everything their life has been involved in - stress, emotions, and mental attitude, to get UNSTUCK and moving forward.


I am a native of Ohio with a Doctorate in Psychology and Natural Medicine. I am also a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach. I moved my practice in the direction of Mind and Body-work with women - Stress Reduction, releasing blockages, Increasing Energy, Pain Relief, and more. If you can manage yourself....you can manage your life. I will meet you where you are and inspire you to get to where you need to be!  I work on an INTENSIVE short-term level, using non-toxic natural remedies to kick-start your mind and body to balance and heal itself. ​Women who want results, need to be committed.  We get to work and get it done through Natural Treatments and Coaching.

Disease of the body, itself, is nothing but the result of the disharmony of energy between the body and mind.  Removing the disharmony, such as acute physical issues and Low Grade depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional issues, are treated with natural alternatives to conventional drug therapies. It is a use of safe, non-invasive, and comprehensive energetic health remedies. It calms emotions, helps with deep restful sleep, gives more energy, improves digestion, and reduces pain and discomforts.  




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