About Me

I am Tanya Bishop PsyD, CHom, CC, Founder and CEO of Women’s Direction. I am a Women's Health and Wellness Consultant and Coach from Ohio with an international practice extending across America and Europe.  So, as a private professional, I help my clients to link everything her life has been involved in...stress, emotions, mental attitude, and Diet using the power of plants.   
I am a native of Ohio with a Doctorate degree in Medical Psychology, moved in the direction of Body and Mind. I help to release blockages of stress, increase Energy, deal with Pain, and more.  I am available for consultations and Functional work via my online video conferencing clinic, in-office, or On-Call by phone. There is no need to leave your home to access my services after your first visit.  Continuation is done from the comfort of your home. But there is an office, if needed, for the women in the area.
I look at all facets of a situation.  Every part of your case is taken into consideration and looks to see how one thing may relate to the other.  I am also looking to see what individualizes the illness in each women.  We all have an individualized susceptibility to the illness that begins in the mind. For me to begin to see how you expresses the issue, I not only address a diagnosis you may have but I also, primarily, address the environment in which the issues or disfunction exists.  Natural Remedies can also provide a safe and effective means of treating minor discomforts.  Through Remedies, I am able to help you on your way to recovery.   
So, when you are ready to face all aspects of your life and health, reach out and I’ll help you get to the next level in a genial and effective way to reset and boost your metabolism.  This is done in a way that supports the production of a healthy mind and body.  During the visit you can expect to talk about your medical history, you life situation, and any maladies or discomforts you are currently experiencing.  Visits are tailored to the specific needs of my clients and are scheduled as such.  For some women, the healing process is brief and may be completed within two to three months time.  For others, the journey may take longer and can become a part of a deeper quest for personal understanding and overall wellness.   
The length of time it takes to achieve results is as individual as the person seeking treatment.  It is dependent on the nature and duration of the state as well as the overall vitality and lifestyle of the person.  A follow-up appointment is typically scheduled between four and six weeks after the initial 2 hour consultation.  


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