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The Body is capable of Self-regulation. Physiology prevails over pathology.  Restoring the physiology is essential to healing the pathology.  These pillars of health must also be taken into account with equal value as diet, elimination, mental and emotional equilibrium, and a balanced Lifestyle.

The Healthy Living Personal Program

We all have Blocks, Trauma, Cellular Memories, Trapped emotions, and Inherited Patterns from five generations back.  Your body is often overwhelmed and unhealthy due to toxic lifestyles, toxic emotions, mental and emotional patterns, and unhealthy foods we feed our bodies.  

The body heals best when specific protocols are applied in a sequential order to address each of the following stages: open elimination, resolving acidosis and inflammation, and restoring and harmonizing the normal organ function.  The natural remedy protocols support the body to overcome the symptoms on its own. That is why your energy and its connections are so important.

It is a simple, non-invasive way to provide  you with vital trace elements that are necessary for cellular function.  The minerals need to be present in our bodies and are absolutely vital against symptoms like: stress, overweight, urinary tract infections, panic or anxiety, seasonal allergies, and more.

Essential Oils

Healthy Living Services

There is support when you need it.  Coaching is guidance, and it gives you a Personal Profile of the factors in your Medical, Mental and Emotional Life that you have not been able to understand.  Your body speaks to you through the language of symptoms of YOUR ENERGY. I guide my clients in such a way that all controllable health factors are addressed, helping you to take charge of your internal and external environment, as well as help remove obstacles of balance that are non-negotiables and are specific to each individual.   

I'm not only addressing the diagnosis that my client may have, but also and primarily, addressing the environment in which her issues or dysfunction exists and understanding how her body lost its balance and functioning.

In your nutrition, this may include eliminating the biggest inflammatory culprit - one's diet and lifestyle. The most effective and efficient results can only occur when the protocols are complemented by a diet that is whole food and plant based and is combined with a well matched herbal remedy.

So, when you are ready to face all aspects of your life, reach out and I'll help you get to the next level in a gentle and effective way to reset and boost your metabolism.  

Yoga at Home
Citrus Fruits

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