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About Dr. Tanya

  Medical PsyD, Hom., Certified Coach, Brain Spotting Practitioner trained in natural medicine, and Homeopathy

Plant based extracts nourish the body and stimulate the regeneration of vital energy.  These amazing protocols help to release congestion and stagnation while supporting new growth and healing.  My clients learn how to support their nervous system alongside the emotional, mental and physical body. Healing plans are customized and may focus on one or a combination of strategies to support the healing process.  We heal when our observations lead to new awareness, understanding and action.  


We use: Plants, Tree Buds and Shoots that create


Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and

                                Integrated Health & Wellness Coaching                                 


  Best For: 

Emotional Regulation 

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Enhanced Body Balance

 Integration of Body and Mind

Contact; Dr. Tanya     Consult: Assessment & Evaluation $125 that includes: Body Scan, Extracts, Coaching and Protocol                       web:          Follow-ups at $45, and Extra Extracts for $18.50                                                     866-751-0801                                    Extra Extracts for $18.50


             My purpose is not what I do.  It's what happens in others when I do what I do.                                                          

                                            Lets Talk About it!    .

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