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About Dr. Tanya

  Medical PsyD, Chronic Fatigue Practitioner, and Health Coach 

Are you constantly getting ill, suffering with low Energy and acute or chronic health problems? I am Dr. Tanya, C.E.O of Women's Direction and Health Formulary. I am a Med. PsyD, a Bio-Resonance Practitioner, trained in Pre-Med and Plant Based Medicine. I Consultant and Coach in Functional Medicine. I offer individualized Cellular Energy Scans to pinpoint all of the contributing factors getting to the root cause, and treat the the situation painlessly, safely, and non-invasive.  I present protocols to women seeking drug free healthcare consulting and coaching.  My approach is a great way to put your health journey on the right path. What we do first is balance and support the cellular actions and functions of your mental and emotional mind-set that needs attention.  I will antidote any toxins that inhibit the body's ability to heal and teach you how to supply the nutrients needed to accomplish that balance. If the distortions are too great and need help, the Nutritional food elements are also introduced.

I am looking forward to working with you to help you learn that symptoms have a root cause and from those root causes, primary and secondary symptoms develop.  

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