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There is support when you need it.  Coaching is guidance, and it gives you a Personal Profile of what the motivating factors are in your life.  I seek specific and individualized characteristics that only you can share about yourself on a mental, emotional, and physical level.  Only you know what it’s like to be you. And, there is a disconnect from what brings you to know, love, and excepting yourself.   
Our work together is intensive and short-term.  We address most acute mind and body issues, especially those rooted in time, habits, old emotions, and complex interactions in life.  How you handle these changes, on all levels, determines how healthy you are physically. We will work using safe, natural, and alternative methods of healing to stimulate your body to balance itself, improve your health and emotions without needles, drugs, or long months or years to work it through.  This will bring harmony and facilitate wellness.  Your body acts wrongly, only when it is responding to miss-thoughts and inflammatory foods in our body, culprits in ones diet and lifestyles.  That is the moment disease can start !   
I guide my client in such a way that all controllable health factors are addressed, helping you to take charge of your internal and external environment, as well as help remove obstacles of balance that are Non-Negotiables and are specific to each individual.  In your Nutrition, this may include eliminating the biggest inflammatory culprit - one’s diet and lifestyle. Non-Negotiables also includes habits and routines. The body cannot function, let alone heal, in the face of deficiencies.  The level an of care is about uncovering and addressing the deficiencies and dismantling dysfunctional patterns once the terrain is more clear. I’m not only addressing the diagnosis that my client may have, but I also, and primarily address the environment in which her issues or dysfunction exists.  


Fees and Payments

Payments are due at the time of services by Cash App, PayPal Visa/Master cards.  Payments for all phone consults are due on date of the appointment.  My office does not file insurance claims or pursue payment from insurance companies.  My relationship is with my clients only.  Initial 1 1/2 - 2 hour consult is $175 that includes, a custom Eye Photo taken for analysis, along with payment. You will also receive your Energy Treatment, Coaching for acute issues, two Emotional sessions for the month, and your Custom Bach Essence Remedy that is shipped to your doorstep.    

Your continued service at the individual cost of $ 35

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I am not a Medical Doctor.  I use natural essence.  This information is educational Only!  It should not be used in place of a consultation with your medical professional.  I am not prescribing, advising, nor making health decisions for you.  This relationship between you and me is not one of a patient and prescriber, but as a client and educator.  It is fully your choice whether or not to use this information. I may evaluate and analyze the root cause(s) of health disorders to achieve health and provide education to my clients.  In turn, the client will have the necessary knowledge to creat and maintain an internal and external environment supporting good health.